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Big Book of Family Meals

Big Book of Family Meals

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With its subtle global influence, the Big Book of Family Meals features recipes from all around the world for the whole family to enjoy — from Pad Thai to pumpkin ravioli and turkey burgers to chicken biryani, there is something here to suit all tastes. Offering information and advice on healthy eating for the whole family, 130 tempting recipes follow kicking off with soups and starters, and then the main courses, which are broken down into meat, fish and veggie recipes for ease of use. A delightful selection of dessert recipes, including ice-creams, waffles and pies will make for the perfect end to your meal. With such a range of recipes, this book is perfect for those who love experimenting with new flavours and ingredients, or simply for those who want to recreate dishes at home for their family, after sampling them on holiday.